Important Medical Tests For Females

It often times is difficult to figure out what is actually needed to do as preventative measure, or to keep yourself safe. There is way too much information and opinions around us – it can be a real confusion to figure out what tests and do you really need. This situation can truthfully make us get tests that are not really essential – while we miss out on what should be done. It is real world battle. So what are the “must do” tests?

Recently, health organizations are finally starting to agree on the fact that each of our medical assessments must be done individually as we are very different from each other. The important discoveries of health risks that will come out during a relaxed conversation and a session with a health screening female doctor can’t be attained by a stereotype questionnaire.

Screening for Cervical cancer

Done with the good old “Pap test” and another swab for human pappilomavirus. You can get it you are a woman between the ages of 21 and 65. Ideal to get done once in every 3 years or once every 5 years as you approach the age 30. They test for abnormalities in cells, as this type of cancer must be diagnosed early.

 Screening for Breast cancer

The test is the familiar mammogram, advisable for women between the ages of 50 to 74 on a frequency of every other year if your risk is average. This can change with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer; your doctor will recommend more frequent checks. Mammograms may not be 100% perfect – although this is the best bet you have against detecting early. Be sure to mention while making the appointment if you wear breast implants Singapore as they need a bit of special procedures.

 Scan for Osteoporosis

What is actually measured here is the density of the bone in the form of a scan. And is recommended for females 65 and older than that. If everything is normal, you can get away with getting it done every 10 years unless you have family history of osteoporosis and frequent fractures of bones, then it might be recommended for every other year.

 Testing Depression levels

This might be a mere one on one with your doctor about your mental wellbeing, but the importance of this can’t be stressed enough. Recommended for all adults – but a must for females as our brains work differently and we go through regular changes of hormonal balances as well. Best when done regularly. Or whenever you feel like.