Taking Your Business Abroad 101

There could be a several reasons as to why a business needs to expand its activities to the international arena. If taken necessary steps and followed accurate procedure in expanding the business activities of your business, there is a high propensity that the business can benefit flourishing in a new market that is wider possibly with more potential than your local market.

If the product or the services provided by the business has the capability, the quality and the required standards to address an extensive market other than the current local market, the company should take required steps in overseas company formation in Vietnam to expand its business activities to a larger international market.

Nevertheless, most businesses take steps toward expanding their business activities into the international market primarily since the local competition is disadvantageous and detrimental to their current flow of business activities. Businesses such as Gap Inc. that initiated their business activities in the United States were forced take their business activities into regions such as UAE, Euro-Asia and Eastern regions, in order to exist in the trade amidst the extreme competition posed by other competitors such as Zara or H&M.

Other businesses entities resort to advanced criteria such as expanding their business by locating production plants in countries in the international market. Such companies are known as Multi-national Enterprises (MNE) or Multi-national Corporations (MNC). Multi-national Enterprises mainly enter a certain market at their reach due the possibility of lowering their productions costs. Such companies habitually resort emerging markets such as Sri Lanka, India, China Philippines, etc. due to low labour costs, lax rules and regulations and their favourable attitude toward the incoming Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The MNE’s conquer such markets posing immense threat to the local producers of the service or the product and synchronize with the local economic trends and relate to the local culture.

Since you will have to evidently manoeuvre your business activities through the maze of the government rules and regulations, it is naturally beneficial for your company to resort to the cheapest offshore company formation in the targeted international market.

When you are planning to introduce your business to the international market, for any of the above reasons, it is important to realise that there is a multitude of risk factors to forward to as a business owner. Even though you have prior experience in dealing with an international market, it is necessary to understand that every market is unique and is consisted of their habitual trends. Such methods will consider entry strategies such as partnering with another company with identical agenda, franchising, initiating a joint venture etc.