The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Feet

Bodily hygiene is extremely important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. An essential aspect of hygiene is keeping your feet clean and healthy. Here are a few ways to keep your feet dirt free and problem free.

Choose the right footwearA common mistake which most people make with regard to foot care is wearing the wrong type of footwear. It is important to select the appropriate material and avoid wearing shoes that irritate your skin as this may lead to smelly feet thereby paving way for bacterial and fungal infections. In addition, it is also essential to wear the correct size and not confine the feet to a small shoe size as this may cause issues such as bunions which may result in excessive pain until you find the correct bunion solutions in Singapore to treat your issue.

Protect your feetApart from wearing the correct footwear, it is also important to protect your feet from external damage such as environmental pollution and sun rays. Excessive exposure to the sun might lead to dull, discoloured skin on your feet. In addition, the dust and dirt from the environment could cause fungal and bacterial infections and may also lead to the production of cracks on your heels. Therefore, it is necessary to wear covered footwear and apply sunscreen as well.

Treat any issuesIt is common to experience pain and infections on your feet. However, it is important that you do not neglect these issues and treat them immediately. Consult a dermatologist to treat fungal and bacterial infections wherein the appropriate medication and creams would be prescribed. In addition, if you experience any serious issue such as bunion then the doctor would suggest suitable bunion treatments depending on the severity of your condition.

Maintain a routineIt would be recommended to maintain a foot care regime wherein you wash your feet immediately after they are exposed to dirt. In addition it is also important to keep the feet sweat free and ensure that they are clean and dry at all times in order to prevent the breeding on fungi around the toes thus resulting in fungal infections. It is also essential to avoid sharing footwear as this could increase the transmission of bacteria from one individual to another.

Most people tend to maintain a skincare routine and follow a healthy diet to maintain their body weight. But they often tend to neglect their foot care which is also an essential part of hygiene. Therefore, it is important to consider foot care as well, in order to prevent infections and other painful foot related conditions.