Tips For Students Travelling From Singapore To USA

Travelling from Asia to the western countries is bound to give people a culture shock! Although there are quite a few similarities, the differences outnumber them. If you are a student travelling to the USA then you might need a few tips to help you along the way.

BudgetAre you a student travelling to the USA to pursue your education? Or just another student going on a holiday to the USA? Either way, if you’re a student then the chances of you being on a tight budget are quite high, therefore it is important to calculate your expenses prior to the trip and set a budget to avoid going broke in another country, halfway through your trip. Tip: always carry extra money as there are bound to be a few emergency situations where you might spend more than what you decided.

Choose appropriate accommodationIf you are planning on moving from Singapore to USA to pursue your education, then you might have to rent a place which fits your budget, yet closer to your university and situated in a prime, decent location with easy access to the necessary places such as supermarkets, subway stations and restaurants. It is not easy being a student and travelling far to get to these places, as one is always under a time crunch. Therefore, it’s best to spend a little extra on accommodation rather than spending money and time travelling.

Conduct your research If you’re on a holiday, then you should do your research on the tourist destinations, cost of travelling, special discounts for early booking, cancellation policies etc.. Whereas if you’re planning on studying there, you should calculate and compare the university fees, accommodation and travel fees which differ from city to city. In addition, look into the visa policies and the necessary formalities which you might have to complete as well.

Be more open mindedYou should be prepared to embrace the change and try your best to blend into the new culture so that you feel more comfortable and avoid getting homesick. This will also make it easier for you to make new friends and get to know the country and its culture better. In addition, be prepared for the currency change and the difference in prices. For example: moving to Singapore from New York is much cheaper than the other way around with well-trained staff, since the cost of living is quite high in the USA in comparison to Singapore.

Look out for student discountsThere are several places which give priority to students and offer a wide range of discounts. For example: theme parks, cinemas, certain tourist spots, museums and even certain transportation methods offer special prices for students. Therefore, always carry your student ID to grab these opportunities and save some extra cash.

Travelling to a new city is always exciting, whether it is for a trip or if you’re moving abroad to study. Either way, you get to experience a new culture and witness several new places which are sure to make some wonderful memories.