Tips On Designing Your Home Like A Pro

Home is where your family is they say. Of course it is true with no doubt at all. But in order for a place to not only look like home but also to feel like home a little deco and personalization wouldn’t hurt at all. Similar to dressing up and looking good an equal if not more attention should be paid to designing your home sweet home as well. Try out a few of these tips when designing your home and give it a makeover!

Considering lifestyle
It is important to consider the lifestyle of your family when designing a whole new look for your house. But if you intend on providing it on rent or lease you could style to a more generalized way. Assuming you would be styling your own home, design it in a manner to suit your family, if your family is the kind to go for cozy and comfortable then stick to things that emit this vibe rather than trying to imitate a luxurious and spacious, yet disconnected look.

The right tones
If you are no expert at designing obviously you could get down people from the best interior design firms in Singapore, but it wouldn’t hurt at all to try out a few things on your own. Color is an important part of anything. Matching colors and combining them to make things look fuller and brighter is key. A tip would be to use a darker color on certain parts of the room like furniture or even one wall, to make the room seem larger, and a lighter and medium hues to color the rest of the area to give a brighter look.

The right measurements
Make sure you have got all the right measurements for whichever items you intend on replacing. You wouldn’t want your rugs of different colors overlapping each other depicting a rainbow mess, neither would you want the edge of your table to stick out due to the lack of space.

Make curtains longer and windows larger
Of course you wouldn’t have to literally remake your windows to make them larger, but did you know curtains could do that trick for you? Hang up your curtain poles way above the window frame and use more long curtains for the windows instead of those that stop in the mid-way making it look awkward. You could change patterns of it by using DIY methods or even shop for new ones and make them go with the room tones.

You could also place a few pots of your favorite plants in random areas of the house to add a little extra touch to your home. Give your room and home a complete makeover before the holidays and enjoy the change in the mood with your family.