What You Should Do During A Fire

When a fire breaks down at your house or your workplace, what do you do in the first instinct? Do you run? Do you wait for someone to tell you to run? This is where the use of a fire alarm comes to light, as you must be very respondent to the sound of it. Therefore, it is best if you have regular fire drills at your workplace in order to know which steps to take and how to make use of the fire exit when such a situation arises. Following are a few steps for you to follow when the fire alarm goes off in a building.
RespondThe first step to take when the fire alarm goes off is not to panic. Make sure that you carry a face towel along with you so that the wet towel will be able to cover your face while you try to get away from the hazardous situation. The purpose of this is to avoid any poisonous gases that could be harmful for you. Stop whatever you are doing and proceed with taking action to get away from the fire. Do not keep engaging in whatever you are doing.
Walk awayMake sure that you are aware of where the exits are; fire exists to be specific. Keep running until you reach the outside. Make sure that you take the prescribed route that is assigned for the fire exit. Usually you will be directed by the use of green signs which has been written on in white the word, ‘exit’. Check whether the doors are warm and decide whether you are good to enter. Doors being warm could be a sign of fire in the next room, therefore, try to avoid it as much as possible. If you come across a dry powder fire extinguisher that provide professional installation, do not attempt to use it as your primary goal should be to get away.
Leave the buildingFire extinguishers servicing in Singapore need to be done in order to be able to usable at situations like these. Do not follow your instincts and walk about in the ground without following the orders from the authorized person that is guiding you through the premises. Leave some space in the sidewalk so that the firemen can run along and do their job.
Be saved!If you can properly follow all the guidelines and directions provided on how to act when a fire breaks out in a building, you should be able to save yourself without any harm by any means. Make sure that all fire extinguishers are in good shape so that you can make the best use of the resources in emergency situations.