Which Style Is Best For Your Photographs?

If you have ever attended a special event in the past few months, you should have already come across at least a few custom photo booths. Unlike the novelty they were back when they were first introduced, photo booths have slowly become a mainstay at most functions, including celebrations and weddings. The reason why they have become so famous is quite simple: providing a place where a single person or small group of people can take custom photos with relative ease. After all, taking photographs is quite a popular thing by many of those who attend events, and it is really not surprising to see photo booths having become such a big hit.

 Nowadays, photo booths come in all sizes and shapes. Furthermore, they may be styled quite differently from each other: a photo you take from a specific booth may be completely different from the one you take next from the booth just beside it. Here are just a few examples of what creative photo booth designing has brought us in the recent years:

  • Wedding Booth – As the name implies, this type of booth is specifically made for newlywed couples to celebrate their marriage with a few nice photos, accompanied by several other custom props designed to make the photos look livelier or to add a bit of humour. Recently, wedding photo booth animated GIFs have been all the rage at wedding ceremonies, not surprising considered that they add an extra layer of customization to the photos.
  • Corporate Booth – Want something to spice up your next corporate event? Opting for a photo booth is not a bad idea. Compared to other types of booths, this one is typically quite conservative with the props, being used more for marketing purposes rather than for fun. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you can get creative with the booth, so go ahead and upgrade it however you want!
  • GIF Booth in Singapore – We have already mentioned this type of booth a little when talking about wedding booths. Basically, the main difference of this type of booth compared to a conventional one is its ability to produce a custom GIF image instead of a collection of photos, thus adding a touch of action to make the image worth a little more. This type of booth can be used basically anywhere you want, especially if you are bored of more conventional setups by now.
  • Old School Booth – Some people just love those classic photo booths found in shopping malls. They may bring back some of their past memories, such as hanging out with their friends and taking photos at these locations making all sorts of funny faces. Fortunately, you can order a booth that looks just like the ones you visited as a young adult back at your event venue, complete with all the equipment required to make it compatible with digital photography.